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Smokey Mountain Memories

Latest Obession:

Dolly Parton
Smoky Mountain Memories

Honestly, It's just a really great song. The version that I have was recorded live and she just sings it so well! I'm beginning to realize how awesome she is. I mean, Dollywood? That is just so cool. I was going to say "Kick Ass" but considering we're talking about Dolly Parton, I shouldn't curse. : )

It's super wholesome and heartfelt...It reminds me of Chester. I mean, not that Chester is that way...but it's such a cute small town. If I had a cat, I would name it that.

On that subject: Every time I go somewhere new, I wonder if I could ever live there. When I go to New York, I think about the people who live there. I think I could do it. It's very appealing to be in a city that never sleeps. Conversely, I like the fact that places here close at six. I mean, yea its annoying when I want to get some dinner or rent a movie or even catch the bus, but there's just something I like about it. And even further down the line of city-hood, is Chester. I'm sure that living there (on the hi-line, on the hi-line) may not be as exciting as visiting it...but it's just a super great place. It's really open and quiet...I think I also like it because it's also got this dark aspect to it. From what I understand, secrets aren't secrets there, they're known unspoken facts that drift between farms. It's sort of like they travel on the wind like pollen. You can feel it and see it when it finally sticks to something, but until it reveals itself you can only guess that's whats been making you sick this whole time.

Ugh. I think I went to far with that one...Here's some Dolly.

Smokey Mountain Memories

You ought to go north somebody told us
Cause the air is filled with gold dust
And fortune falls like snow flakes in your hands
Now I don't recall who said it
But we'd lived so long on credit
And so we headed out to find our promised land

Just poor Smoky Mountains farm folk
With nothing more than high hopes
So we hitched our station wagon to a star
But our dreams all fell in on us
Cause there was no land of promise
Though it's a stuggle just keepin' sight of who you are

Oh and these northern nights are dreary
And my southern heart is weary
As I wonder how the old folks are back home
But I know that they all love me
And they're all thinking of me
The Smoky Mountains memories keep me strong

You know I've been thinkin' a whole lot lately
About what's been and what awaits me
It takes all I've got to give what life demands
You go insane if you give in to it
Life's a mill and brother, I've been through it
I'm just thankful I'm creative with my hands

Oh and these northern nights they're dreary
And my southern eyes are teary
As I wonder how the old folks are back home
But I'll keep leanin' on my Jesus
He'll love and guide and lead us
The Smoky Mountains memories keep me strong

If I'll keep looking to the father
Keep our heads above the water
While the Smoky Mountains memories keep me strong